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"Whenever i step on the stage, I simply feel  satisfied.

The stage becomes my center of the world, just the right place to be in…"

"…The place where my spirit can fly, my head can have a rest,

and I can enjoy the flow of new energy.

The more unexpected moments or challenges appear,

the bigger  my concentration and satisfaction get.

 Every human needs to be in this sublime state from time to time"





a musical journey

Agnieszka Hekiert is a graduate of  the Karol Szymanowski Music Academy

for Jazz and Entertainment Music in Katowice.


Her career began winning several musical awards  which opened the door to many performances at various music festivals. This also led  to professional relationships with numerous renowned polish musicians such as Maryla Rodowicz, Natalia Kukulska, Ryszard Rynkowski, Wieslaw Pieregorolka, Krzysztof Scieranski or Marek Balata.


In 2004 together with Krzysztof Herdzin and his Trio,

Agnieszka recorded the CD "Night and Day Swing”.


Acknowledged on the European scene, Agnieszka performed in France, Italy, Croatia, Bulgaria but most of all in Austria and Germany, where she worked and became friends with an icon of Polish Jazz abroad – Leszek Zadlo, as well as the two Bulgarian artists Konstantin Kostov and Nevyan Lenkov. The fruit of this musical cooperation is the Album “European Impressions” -a record released in 2009.

During that year, Agnieszka performed with jazz vocalist Bobby McFerrin in his ‘VOCAbuLarieS’ project. Bobby’s influence can be easily spotted at Agnieszka’s improvisation parts and interaction with the audience.


She was also  invited to share the stage with WeBe3- Rhiannon, Dave Worm and Joey Blake in a Concert in Paris.

Other stage partners were Jeff Berlin and

Kazumi Watanabe at the Notturni Festival in Milan.


Agnieszka’s first solo album “Stories” was published by Universal Music in 2012,

this record is a collaboration with exceptional

European and Polish musicians such as Konstantin Kostov, Cezary Konrad, Robert Kubiszyn, Krzysztof Herdzin, Kuba Badach or Atom String Quartet.

The album is a mixture of jazz, soul, sung poetry and world music.


Her latest CD “Soulnation” has been released on 2.10.2019 and recorded with Grammy Award winners Cezary Konrad -drums, Paweł Pańta – bass and Bulgarian virtuoso Konstantin Kostov -piano and, as  guests, Jerzy Małek – trumpet and Vladimir Karparov – sax.

As a singing tutor and vocal trainer, Agnieszka is known for her contribution to the ‘behind the scenes’ of polish television programmes such as “X-Factor” or “Your Face Sounds Familiar”. Her work aims to prepare participants in television shows to different vocal tasks in front of the public. Beside her TV work, she has her own workshops, where she teaches improvisation, rhythm control, interpretation, vocal emission and stage comfort, working both individually and in groups.




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